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Commonly referred to as Luangpor Thong, Luangpor Thong Abhakaro is a Buddhist monk and teacher of Mahasati Meditation —a meditation method developed by his teacher, Luangpor Teean Jittasubho. Luangpor Teean, the Noble One. Luangpor Teean Jittasubho (birth name Phan Intapew) (), was born on 5th September , at Buhom village. Also the Thai monk Luang Por Teean taught a (more conservative) form of active meditation which in Luang Por Teean’s translated books is.

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Ajahn Pahn thought for a while and then asked, ‘Is salt salty? Papa is not knowing, darkness, stupidity.

Another kind of roop- disease teeaan disease: Today we shall talk about how to end dukkha suffering according to Buddhism. What is considered good in one place may be condemned as bad in another. They stay in the monastery for a period of about 3 to 4 months to lead meditation retreats. One day, as she was collecting vegetables in the garden, to be cooked later in the day, she hadn’t collected very much yet when she said, ‘Hey, what’s happening tedan me?

LUANGPOR TEEAN: An Interview With An Awakened Master

Later on, whenever Luang por saw him coming, he would wrap his head in a cloth and go and do walking-meditation right out in the sun.

What he did was only being aware of the movements of the body and mind.

I am not sure about this. What I am going to talk about is what I experienced. I once asked Luangpor Teean how it came about that he was inspired to search for Dharma. The matter of sati is the same thing. When we take the rock off, the weeds will grow better than before, because the soil has been kept moist.


Phra venerable; noble is indifference. So, words are only just convention. One that knows teaches, the result is knowing, because everybody has it, each can become the real phra, a noble individual. His teachings were spreading across the country as well as outside. Having reached Nhong-Kai province, he got the news that his friend, the monk Maha-Srijan with whom he wanted to practice, went to spend the rains-retreat at Luang Pra-Bang in Lao.

But in actuality, Dharma is already present within us right now. Morning and Evening Chanting. Before going to the fields, Luang por would take food and flowers to his uncle and paid respects. She went to see him and practiced at home frequently seeking his guidance by visiting him at Wat Sanamnai. And it happened that the tray did float back against the river’s current. I once asked Luangpor Teean about the usefulness of sitting practising Concentration Meditation.

And all these panna are in every person.

In the morning to look at the sun without blinking the eyes, until the eyes get used to looking at the sun. Scrupulously honest, he was very highly respected and was persuaded on three different occasions to become the head of his village.

He didn’t learn anything new but developed what he had learned already. He went to Wat Rangsimukdaram, Tambol Pannprao, Amphur Tabon in Nongkai Province and practiced a simple form of bodily movements except that he did not follow the formal rituals and recitation of the words like others did. I have seen it, and I have never forgotten it. The 5 aggregates of form, feeling, perception, volition and consciousness are virtuous. Why don’t we have to seek it? We’ve breathed since we were born from our mother’s womb, but we don’t know it.


Luangpor taught his followers to be aware of body and mind at all times.

You don’t have jealousy, ill will, and aggression; now your mind is indifferent, not suffering and not happy, beyond good and evil. Please try it yourself. This is called luang;or be born here and die here.

Next, Ajahn Pahn asked, ‘Did any knowledge arise?

To One That Feels

Everything is sammuti supposition. For Luangpor Teean, thought is the root of greed, anger, and delusion — the three defilements of a human being. But on hearing his wife’s words, he felt better and could abandon the mood to some teea. If we then pour the water out, air instantly goes back into the glass.

Luang por said that he used to be a self-willed person, his clothes had to be nicely ironed, otherwise he teeaj want to wear them.

Mahasati Meditation is practiced throughout Asia and in the United States and is appropriate for anyone regardless of religion or nationality. Most people understand panna only as memorizing and recognizing. Luangpor placed an object on his hand and then clenched the hand tightly, making a fist. Views Read Edit View history. Luangpor responded only to what he was asked: So that is only the state of delusion.


His wife had made things clear to him. We really don’t know.