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Konwencja o ujednoliceniu niektórych zasad dotyczących międzynarodowego przewozu lotniczego (Konwencja montrealska). Konwencja o ujednoliceniu. przewozu lotniczego, podpisana w Warszawie w październiku r., w skrócie zwana Konwencją warszawską (). 2 – Protokół zmieniający Konwencję o. Nnkonwencja warszawska pdf. Iv, wroclaw, poznan Konwencja warszawska i system warszawskomontrealski 29 2. Gsgraph grazyna szostok.

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The conversion of these sums, the scroll state other than gold will be made in the event of litigation by certain of the gold value of that currency on the day of judgment.

Copies of the certified convention will be sent by the efforts of the Polish Government to the Government of each High Contracting Parties. Your email address will not be published. You can also Subscribe no comment on this entry. Between —51 it was further studied by a legal committee set up konnwencja the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO and in a new draft was prepared to replace the convention.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Perhaps, the location of the Conference and the fact that it was independent of the League of Nations induced an important number of countries to send their Delegations to Warsaw. Bythe government of France attempted to adopt national laws konwencua to liability in the carriage by air and realized that the complex foreign elements of such issue called for unification of konwejcja on a wide international level to prevent the unforeseeable conflicts of law and conflicts of jurisdiction.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

In all other cases, the expression High Contracting Party means a State, whose ratification of or accession to this Convention had implications, and whose effects can not comment yet had. However it was rejected and it was decided that the convention be amended rather than replaced in An inter-governmental agreement addressing the limits of liability and profoundly modernizing the entire Warsaw Convention as amended by The Hague Protocol was reached, at the Diplomatic Conference held at Guatemala City from 9 February to 8 March attended by warszswska States, with the adoption of the Guatemala Protocol signed on 8 March First pane of the exhibition held to commemorate the 85 th anniversary of the Warsaw Convention.

Between the parties of the Protocol, it was agreed that the Warsaw Convention and the Hague Protocol were to be read and interpreted together as one single instrument to be wagszawska as the Warsaw Convention as amended at the Hague in It shows konwencjx Fokker F.

Warsaw Convention

The four stamps warszawskka Malaysia Airlines’ major destinations. This Protocol never came into force. These sums can be converted in round figures for each state currency.

Ratified in accordance with the Act of 28 January r. The successive modifications of the Convention, coupled with increasing mobility of passengers and the globalization of the air transport industry, have resulted in a high level of complexity and fragmentation of the Warsaw System, and a corresponding loss of relevance for the travelling public and the air transport industry.


Diplomatic Conference on the Revision of the Warsaw Convention.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Carrying is responsible for any damages caused in case of death, injury or any other bodily, suffered by the traveler, if the accident, which caused the damage, occurred on board the aircraft or during any operations of embarking or disembarking. It entered into force on 1 May However, if the recipient refuses to accept the bill of lading or freight, or if you can not communicate with him, dispatcher regains its powers of disposal.

Airline codes Airline holding companies Charter airlines Low-cost airlines Passenger airlines Regional airlines. In the event of death of the debtor seeking accountability takes place within the limits provided for in this Convention, compared to its successors.

Finally, between 27 October and 6 November, the first conference met in Paris to study the draft convention. The sums limiting liability shall be deemed to refer to the French franc consisting of 65 milligrams gold warszawsak millesimal finenesswhich may be converted into any national currency in round figures. It was the first comprehensive legal framework governing aviation at the international level, playing an essential role in supporting the development of the sector and establishing a set of principles, most of which are still effective and constitute the basis of modern aviation law.

The sums referred to in this article in francs shall be considered as referring to the monetary unit. Baggage accepted for shipment shall be issued a baggage check, which — unless it is connected to the warsawska ticket corresponding to the provisions of Article 3 paragraph 1 konwencma not part of such a ticket, should konwenccja If you find out if the carrying, that the victim’s fault caused the damage or contributed to her — court will be able under the provisions of their law, remove or alleviate the responsibility of carrying.

Leave a Reply Cancel warszaswka Your email address will not be published. Originally signed in in Warsaw hence the name konwwencja, it was amended in at The HagueNetherlandsand in in Guatemala CityGuatemala. The IATA logo is prominently displayed in all four stamps. As konwencj the items, which takes care of the passenger — carrying liability is limited to five thousand francs for one passenger. The sums limiting liability were originally given in gold francs warszawsma in terms of a particular quantity of gold by article 22 paragraph 5 of the convention.

This new convention, intended to replace the above-described Warsaw System, came into force on 4 November Lack, irregularity or loss of the ticket does not affect either the existence of, or the validity of the contract of carriage, which however will be subject to the provisions of this Convention.


Any clause tending to relieve the carrying of liability or to establish the lower limit, than that set out in this Convention, are considered to be non-existent and not causing any effect, This void, however, the clause does not invalidate the contract, which remains subject to the provisions of this Convention. Konwfncja governments of European countries, fearing a loss of the influence on the airlines, unofficially agreed on establishing of an international organization formally independent from the League of Nationsthat could develop an international convention on private international air law.

If, however, with the consent of carrying a kinwencja comes on board, a travel ticket has been issued, or if the ticket does not mention required under paragraph 1 litera c this article, carrying will have no right to invoke the provisions of Article Agreements on lower sums are null and void.

The present Convention, signed in Warsaw 12 Octoberremain open for signature until 31 January However, a passenger may, by special agreement with the carrying higher limits of liability set.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The Montreal Conventionsigned inreplaced the Warsaw Convention system.

In the event, if compensation may be under the law of the forum in the form of fixed annuity, capital of the annuity may not exceed the above limit. The conference was formally deferred on two occasions due to reluctant behavior of the governments of various nations to act on such a short notice without the knowledge of the proposed convention. The instruments of ratification have been deposited in the archives of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will notify the submitting to the Government of each High Contracting Parties.

In the convention there is a provision of successive carriage and a combined warszawskw partly by air and partly by other modes of transport as well.

Nothing in this Convention shall not preclude the issuance of air traffic negotiable letter. Darszawska sums were amended by the Montreal Additional Protocol No. According to Clauses 17 and 18 of the Warsaw Convention, airline companies are liable for any damage that occurs to passengers or their belongings during in-flight.

The foregoing provisions shall not apply, if the amount of damages awarded at no sarszawska, court and no other process costs do not exceed the sum of, which carries the plaintiff offered in writing within six months of the event, causing warzsawska damage, or prior to the oonwencja of the process, if it occurred after that date.

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