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Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo). Sep;50(9) Flavonol triglycosides from the leaves of Hammada scoparia (POMEL) ILJIN. Ben Salah H(1), Jarraya R. To edit this page, please copy the French version and translate it. If it contains no data, the first tasks are to check all the links, to clarify. The Hammada scoparia is a relatively common and characteristic steppe species of the Saharan Atlas of south-western Algeria. It has several ecological.

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Biol Agric Hortic Hammada scoparia Hammada scoparia Pomel x – 16k – jpg www. Acta Cryst E Larvicidal activity in desert plants of the Negev and Bedouin market plant products. J Comput Graph Stat 3: The analyses of H.

Hammada scoparia – PlantUse English

Each solution was divided into equal volumes of mL. Molluscicidal activity was not observed for extracts A and C and was concentrated in extract B total alkaloids. Evaluation of the molluscicidal activity of the H. Plant Med Phytotherapy For the pure products, the weights ranged from 0.


Tech Rep Ser There are 1 citations in Afrirefs related to Hammada scoparia Pomel Iljin. For CuCl 2the weights ranged from mg in 1 mg increments. Bull Soc Fr Parasitol Activity of Euphorbia splendens var. Molluscicidal activity of Solanum species of the Northeast of Brazil on Biomphalaria glabrata. J Great Lakes Res Each extract was concentrated to produce the hexane extract HE, 2.

On the pathogenicity of attenuated Schistosoma mansoni cercariae released from metabolically disturbed Biomphalaria alexandrina.

The prevention of fasciolosis is difficult, despite the efficiency of the measures taken. There are citation in web searches related to Hammada scoparia Pomel Iljin. Hammada scoparia photo of Ethiopian Wolf x – 24k – jpg www. Ann Rech Vet During our study, of the four H.

Hammada scoparia

Peninsula eastwards to Pakistan. The molluscicidal activity of Hammada scoparia leaf extracts and the principal alkaloids isolated from them carnegine and N -methylisosalsoline were tested against the mollusc gastropod, Galba truncatulathe intermediate host of Fasciola hepatica in Tunisia.


Volume 1, Families A—D. Fractionsobtained from extract B were inactive.

Flavonol triglycosides from the leaves of Hammada scoparia (POMEL) ILJIN.

Ann Pharmac Fr Eleven fractions were collected. One of the major preventive steps against fasciolosis is the control of the vector snail population. The toxicity of these preparations was also tested on G. Tropical disease research, The control of Schistosomiasis.

There are citation in scholarly articles related to Hammada scoparia Pomel Iljin.