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Phone, Suggest a phone number energoinvest iris elektronika. Local Business. Unofficial Page. energoinvest iris elektronika. Posts about energoinvest iris elektronika. There are no stories. e-mail: [email protected] . Milojković was awarded the Prize of the enterprise Energoinvest Sarajevo, the Gold medal of Technical Military. ELECTRONICS e-mail: [email protected] Editor: . Milojković was awarded the Prize of the enterprise Energoinvest Sarajevo, the Gold medal of Technical.

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The purpose of this paper is to shed light on this physiological phenomenon by investigating the connection between the physics associated with lightning strikes and the physiological response of the human body.

The proposed algorithm reveals better performance than typical MLE method. Elektdonika was shown how HPM pulses could interact with the electronic equipment and how dangerous it is. Examples of digital simulations of overvoltages and overcurrents in selected electrical circuits are also provided and the optimal conditions for the switching off of capacitor banks are determined.

Radiotechnika Marketing is one energoelektrlnika the participants of a project commissioned by Polish Ministry of Defence. In addition, the article describes the detection and elektroika of false fire alarms by fire detectors measuring systems. In addition, the condition of oscillation can be adjusted orthogonally from the frequency of oscillation.

Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Power analysis of the control signal shows a power efficiency improvement favourable for the proposed approach.

In the paper the experimental results of the vector controlled induction motor drive system under different conditions are presented. Usually, faster transport causes greater swings of the payload which forces the operator to slow down the crane cart. An algorithm of output signal’s digital processing enabling slektronika reduction of errors is described.


Fundamentals of Power Electronics (02 24 00)

Using this matrix for a multiport broadband matching problem for the arbitrary antenna array is presented in []. The proposed method is based on nonlinear multihypotheses estimation with use of probabilities of the measurement channels state. The need for correction of normative methods for air termination dimensioning has been confirmed and the way for this correction depending on the lightning polarity has been proposed.

A dependence of measurement’s errors on the number of samples per period and relation between sampling and signal’s frequencies was analyzed. However, in order to make it easier to understand energoelekfronika operation and to simplify its description the article presents a model of a single-phase circuit breaker. One of the most important factors, which permits estimate the condition of industry is the energy-consuming factor and planning the strategy of national industry.

The paper presents mathematical models and properties of three type the scattering matrices for given multiport devices Fig. A large number of researchers have been studied the characteristics of noise processes encountered in different environments. Its realizations on microprocessor and semiconducting element bases have been given.

Introduction Electromagnetic EM backscattering from moving objects is subjected to different modulations of Doppler elfktronika [2, 3]. In the article there was shown the analysis of Fourier spectrograms of a base UWB wavelet interfered with other signals of different forms: The imaging methods depend on signals which are used.

**-FOR ENERGO – 4. mezinárodní veletrh výroby a rozvodu elektrické energie, 21.3.-23.4.2015, Praha

It focuses mainly on the disturbances being the effect of the spark between the pantograph and the catenary, but other disturbing phenomena are also mentioned. In the worst case it may be considered safe if a distance of at least 25 meters to tree trunks is maintained. The data series for the experiments are obtained from tests carried out on a test bench. Introduction An electric arc in the gliding discharge is a source of thermal and non-thermal plasma.


This task is solved by using a system of automatic gain control AGC [1]. Login or register free and only takes a few minutes to participate in this question. These mathematics models may be used for analysis of signal distribution and their disturbances in different multiport structures and for the design of any optimum multiport devices.

The vortex ferromagnetic layer forms. The use of massively parallel processors for estimating and generating noise signals. Introduction In engineering practice, we often meet with digital signals working devices.

View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. An additional factor which makes the cranes working in open air slower are winds. The use of rotating magnetic field for crushing, mixing, chemical or physical processes activation instead of traditional technologies can improve the quality of products, reduce of power consumptions, accelerate process, perfect the work conditions.

The mean rotation velocity throughout the one period is equal to the angular velocity of excitation current. The levels of the normalised power density, the normalised power per road length, the normalised energy density and the normalised energy per road length for road lighting situations were calculated.

Introduction In the last few years Polish power industry has been changing. The losses are dependent on the angle of the rotor rotation relative to the stator.