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cardwell-style-rsi — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost!. The “Cardwell RSI Positive/Negative Reversal Patterns” not only identify trend changes, but also help set future price objectives in the direction. In my research I came across Andrew Cardwell who was said in a few places to be the person who really refined RSI analysis to get the most.

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It can be a complement to anything else you’re using. The range is shifting to the upside.

RSI Courses

Many students have gone from being initially part time traders, to trading fulltime for a living and some onto money management. After these brief respites the market is then ready to resume its normal upward downward trend. The comments that I write and forward to course students are written in the same language in which I taught the courses. Well, a lot of people force the issue.

Investing in the stock market involves risk and potential loss of principal, Investment strategies should be thoroughly researched and understood before implementing and none of this should be construed as a recommendation. Check it out at moneyshow.

Using RSI to Find Great Trades

During the time I was studying the seminars I esi also reviewing a few days a week with Andrew himself. What is RSI right now telling you about the overall market or maybe a favorite futures market that you’re looking at right now that maybe cardwel, showing some good opportunities via RSI?


Andrew Cardwell is a pure technical trader who uses RSI almost exclusively to find good opportunities in the markets. When it corrects, it’s not going to correct all the way down to We’ll see you up in New York City.

RSI Indicator “Cornerstone” of Andrew Cardwell’s Trading Model

Here the stock price is expected to move sideways and the trader can witness a lot of whipsaws. I was an economics major in school so I was used to looking at charts and a student—not a student—another client at the office of my boss was using the RSI he had found in the Stocks and Commodities magazine back in ‘ So I think there’s a lot of currency plays.

How long do your trades usually last when you’re using RSI to find overextended? We were raising capital for the fund manager that traded through us who had an excellent track record. Moreover, in the above range shift scenarios, we have taken an additional range of cadrwell points i. You get into the trade and two days later it’s moved a lot more than you thought it would.

When it’s overextended to the downside, watch for a bottom. Well, and speaking of presentations, you did one at the recent Las Vegas Traders Expo. Do you do a scan every weekend, every night, to find out which of the things and markets you’re looking at are overextended?

I contacted him to see if I could learn more about how to use the RSI. As seen in the chart, whenever RSI touched 80 zones, price tends to slow its momentum and turns down. We’re using the RSI to measure the rate at which prices are changing against that particular issue itself.


Based on the above discussed Relative Strength Index or RSI range parameters, one can easily trade the underlying asset.

He said basic rsk and momentum divergence can and does help to identify extreme overbought or oversold conditions in market momentum. It’s just showing that it’s overextended and due to make a cardwwell or a pullback from overbought or a rally from oversold. So very quickly it gets overbought or overextended.

Neither the information, nor any opinion expressed constitutes a solicitation by us of the purchase or sale of any securities or commodities.

We do offer a discount for those who order both courses as “a set”. You know yourself caddwell not all stocks follow the trend of the market. You have to have a trading plan. Many have told me the course was worth many times over the price they paid for it.

Relative Strength Index is a versatile indicator using which we may find overbought-oversold levels, positive and negative divergences, failure swings, etc.

Now, on with the show.