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When you draw the bonus tile with the shrine and you play it down attached to a meadow, if the meadow is already claimed by a hunter can you. Buy Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers by Z-Man Games! FREE UK Delivery. players, age 8+. Video reviews & info. Embrace your inner caveman and score. Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers is a German-style board game. . the player may choose to place a hut instead of a follower, following normal rules.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Note that “chain reactions” are not permitted; only one bonus tile may be played per turn. Doing so claims ownership of the entire system of rivers i. A follower placed on a meadow is called a Hunter.

The huhters was that it should be the largest lake on the river-system. Most of this is taken from the rule clarification provided at http: Players with a follower on a completed river score one point for each river segment plus one point for each fish in the lake s that may be at each end of the river.

A player may place a follower only if no other followers have claimed that instance of the feature on a connecting tile. Huts award the player one point for each fish in the entire river gaatherers.

Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers – Wikipedia

Points are scored during the game for completion of rivers and forests. There are three types of animals that contribute points to the carczssonne of a meadow, being deeraurochsand mammothsand they are worth two points each.

Return to Carcasaonne rules http: This document was produced by John Sweeney. Also, if you add multiple extensions the rules can get quite complicated as parts which were not intended to interact with one another may do so in complex or ambiguous ways. For other uses, see Carcassonne disambiguation.

Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers

If I have the Shaman do I return a tribe member to my supply at the beginning gaherers the end of my turn? There is also a bonus tile containing a shrine. The game is completed when the final ordinary tile is placed. If a player has a follower on the shrine, only that player scores for the meadow, regardless of the number caecassonne followers each player may have in the meadow.


Is it the largest lake on the river or the largest lake on the river-system? You can only ever get one bonus tile per turn, regardless of how many forests you complete, either with your initial tile or your bonus tile. Only hunters score for animals. Hynters fifth tile, the Shamanallows a player to remove one of their own followers not huts each turn.

Retrieved from ” https: Hunters and Rues is set in the countryside near the French city of Carcassonnebefore the establishment of its famed city walls. The followers on completed rivers and forests are removed and returned to the players’ supplies.

If a completed forest contains a gold nugget, the player completing the forest by placing the tile is awarded a bonus turn, and draws a random tile from a separate pile of a dozen bonus tiles. To help distinguish a Hunter in the meadow form Gatherers and Fishers, the Hunters are placed on their side, whereas the Gatherers and fishers are placed standing up.

Meadows, which contain various animals, will score the player points for the animals that are contained therein, regardless of whether the meadow is complete or hunterrs. Hunters and Gatherers is a German-style board game. Like the original game it is based on, the objective of the game is to score points through judicious placement of terrain tiles and followers colloquially referred to as meeples.

However, each tiger in the meadow will negate the scoring of a single deer but not aurochs or mammoth. The placement of the hut on the Agriculture tile is governed by the rules for hunter placement.

If you take it back at the beginning of your turn you can play it on the same turn.

At the start of each turn, a player takes an unplaced tile at random and places it adjacent to one or more already placed tiles such that the terrain features forest, river, and meadow on the touching tiles match; rulss to meadow, forest to forest, and river to river. The final scoring is then conducted, which involves the scoring of meadows and huts.


The statement in the rules is inaccurate.

Huts and ordinary followers do not influence each other’s placement; thus a player may place a hut on a river in which any player already has an ordinary follower. This page was last edited on 31 Mayat When a river or forest is completed, points are scored see Scoring, belowand any followers are taken off those features for re-use on later turns.

Ccarcassonne placing a tile, the player may place one of their followers on a terrain feature of that tile, thus claiming ownership of that feature. Carcadsonne, a player may place an ordinary follower on a river in which any player already has hunterx hut. River systems do not need to be completed to be scored.

You must place the Agriculture tile in an empty meadow. When playing with the Scout expansion, each player also takes a special tile at the beginning of the game from a set of five in a two-player game, each player takes two.

Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Green discs are provided with the game to aid in this element hjnters scoring. The player playing the bonus tile, as with normal tiles, may choose to place a follower on a feature of that bonus tile.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The rules don’t prevent it, so you may take a tribe member back at any time in your turn. Here is some clarification on the use of these tiles. Ordinary followers may be placed on any terrain feature i. Thus if a tile has two forest segments on it, and both segments are in the forest being valued, then that tile is worth 2 points. A follower placed in a forest is called a Gatherer.

Fishing huts may only be placed on a river segment or lake. This results in those matching features being extended. The Scout portion of the King and Scout expansion to Carcassonne provides an expansion to this game.