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Leafing through the books, pondering over the different facets of Bapu Kuti, many find themselves as fellow-travellers with Gandhi. For most of them the spirit of. – Buy Bapu Kutir book online at best prices in India on Read Bapu Kutir book reviews & author details and more at – Buy Bapu Kuti book online at best prices in india on Read Bapu Kuti book reviews & author details and more at

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Forty years later, as he swept clean the small enclosure in the Kuti where Bapu had his bath, these memories often came back to him.

His dream was to earn a livelihood in the village which would provide him two square meals and other essentials of life. When she heard about the Indian government taking big foreign loans, Chunnibai asked: But when, inGandhi decided to move there himself, Miraben and two fellow- workers picked a one-acre plot on the Bajaj lands and began work on a house for Bapu and ‘Ba’ — as Kasturba Gandhi was fondly called.

His sons were doing that now, but there was no certainty about the money they could send home. But its description of the Ashram grounds and Bapu Kuti somehow left me with a hankering to go there soon. And, the book has lived up to my expectations and eagerness!

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A deep, pervasive stillness remains. As Kaliya began nibbling on her breakfast of dry hay, the BBC Hindi service crackled to life and announced great changes in distant Roos Russia. At first Miraben lived in a tiny thatched hut.

Sometimes, amid mundane domestic chores like sweeping the floor or feeding the goat, this home would remind me of the Bapu Kuti. But now he worked for a living, as a teacher bqpu the elite Mayo College in Ajmer.


Bapu Kuti: Journeys in Rediscovery of Gandhi – Rajni Bakshi – Google Books

This paid for a protective stone wall around the land and the planting of 20, saplings of mixed species of trees and bushes. So what, in this scheme of things, was Aruna’s role? It could not, in itself, solve the problems of thousands of young men like Shanker who had few options at either end of the black tarred road. This will change things for all of bau, Nikhil mused.

Now, he was wrapping up the Sangathan’s inaugural meeting and preparing the mood for the procession: Shanker had just returned from the well with a pot of water. It is now a source of regular firewood and fodder for members of the Samiti, about three-fourths of Sohangarh. The newcomers were astonished that Devi Lai had not only passed the eleventh class board examination but had also qualified for a government scholarship. And so Gandhi settled in the small carding room and slowly recovered his strength.

Devdoongri Life along the black tarred road At the northern end of the Aravalli range, on a low hill that stands apart, is a tiny temple made of rough stones and clay tiles. They were married inshortly after Aruna joined the IAS.

They stared at the Aunt’ on the clay wall below which Bapu sat at work. Some passed kuto it quickly for they found little to see, just the usual charkha, walking stick and a narrow mattress covered in crisp white khadi.

Devdoongri in Rajasthan, or Kasravad by the Narmada or Adilabad in north Andhra are tiny dots on the large canvas of a work in progress.

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With some poetic licence one of juti young scientists, Vinoo Kaley, captured the dilemmas and agony of this question in a dialogue between various policy makers and the spirit of the ‘Kuti’. He was sure that violence was ‘no remedy for India’s ills, and that her civilization required the use of a different and higher weapon for self-protection.


Around the time that Shanker, Aruna and Nikhil were working to make Jait Singh’s old house habitable, Lai Singh used to cycle from Sohangarh every day to sell milk in Bhim. Rohit marked it as to-read May 17, His parents and his uncle and aunt had once tended cows at Sabarmati Ashram when it was still the home of the Mahatma.

Bapu Kuti: Journeys in Rediscovery of Gandhi

Another turned poet and saw love manifest in the mud structure. On the contrary he deeply appreciated any machine which eliminated drudgery and enhanced human creativity. The Spirit of Bapu Kuti Long after Mahatma Gandhi had left his Kuti forever; it was Haribhau ‘s job to arrive there every morning at the crack of dawn. By then Aruna was convinced that even the most well-meaning rural development ‘programmes’ could not alter the pervasive inequities and injustices she had seen all over India.

Gradually I began to understand that the perceptions and ideas exist in different forms in people’s ktui already. But he passionately urged them to see beyond their narrow self and fight against all injustice.

On most days he completed his morning chores and then returned to his home in Sewagram, the village lying just outside the boundary of the Ashram. This was probably also what later earned the Devdoongri activists the label of Naxalites’. That road is a corridor that links fragments of the modern industrial world across vast stretches of hinterland.

So there arose in Aruna a longing to live and work in a village community. They were determined not to eat or leave that spot till their full wage was paid. The book gives a collection of real stories bopk, which has many good principles.