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An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish: A Hilarious Catalogue of Organized and Individual Stupidity. Front Cover. Bertrand Russell. Haldeman-Julius publications . An Outline of Intellectual Rubbishby Bertrand Russell Man is a rational animal: so at least I have been told. Throughout a long life, I h. The Basic Writings of Bertrand Russell. ByBertrand Russell. FULL ACCESS AN OUTLINE OF INTELLECTUAL RUBBISH. Pages

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Find More Posts by Original Position. It still exists in full force in China.

An outline of intellectual rubbish : a hilarious catalogue of organized and individual stupidity

But the prohibition of pork or beef has only scriptural authority, and that only in certain religions. Memorial University of Newfoundland Convocation.

Search by date Search by date: A medical man rusell specialized in such ailments assured me that the exhibitionist can be cured by the simple device of having trousers that button up the back instead of the front. When asked why, since no man can see them, they reply: How are we to know what really is God’s will?

Through A Dark Glassly: An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish

Memorial University Libraries Publications. There is a special absurdity in applying racial theories to the various populations of Europe. Aug 13, Charlie rated it it was amazing.

So far as actual blood is concerned, the mother’s enters into the child, but not the father’s. Bertrand Russell, when seeking examples of human silliness, found religion a fertile source.


Every particle of his body belongs na to someone else. Can easily take you less than 24 hours to finish. Periodical Accounts of the Moravian Missions.

In fact, adult “human nature” is extremely variable, according to the circumstances of education. This sort of falsification is still more true of rumors. But that only proves how sunk I am in moral depravity.

Perhaps, when the war is over, the surviving politicians may find it prudent to combine on some such programme. One eminently orthodox Catholic divine laid it down that a confessor may fondle a nun’s breasts, provided he does it without evil intent.

In practice, people choose the book considered sacred by the community in which they are born, and out of that book they choose the parts they like, ignoring the others. On one occasion a man came to ask me to recommend some of my books, as he was interested in philosophy. People still think that the Divine Plan has special reference to human beings, and that a special Providence not only looks after the good, but also punishes the wicked.

If the matter is one that can be settled by observation, make the observation yourself. Send a private message to Eddi. Intelelctual, dear reader, your reading these extracts from “An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish” has persuaded you that Bertrand Russell outlie worthy of your further attention, so that when next you visit your local bookstore you will purchase one of his volumes?

The next party to cross, however, were intellectuap upon, robbed, and some of them murdered; when Borrow heard of this, he, like Toplady, thanked God. Aristotle could have avoided the mistake of thinking that women have fewer teeth than men, by the simple device ruesell asking Mrs.

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This, it was thought, had displeased the god, and at the worst moments even the most aristocratic children were duly consumed in the fire. Although there are many kinds of sin, seven of which are deadly, the most fruitful field for Satan’s wiles is sex.

The Sun Had first his precept so to move, so shine, As might affect the Earth with cold and heat Scarce tolerable, and from the North to call Decrepit Winter, from the South to bring Solstitial summer’s heat. Superstitions are not al-ways dark and cruel; often they add to the gaiety of life. It’s just that, because he was born not too bright, what these long-dead German men and even longer-dead Greek men said, is too complicated for him to understand.

Man is a rational animal-so at least I have been told.

The feeling that blood defiles still lingers, for example in the Churching of Women and in taboos connected with menstruation. Poker Players – Streaming Live Online. By instilling nonsense it unifies populations and generates collective enthusiasm. Lightning having been rendered ineffectual by the ‘iron points invented by the sagacious Dr.