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Prelude to Revolution: The Petrograd Bolsheviks and the July Uprising ( English Solo Song) Jan 01, by Alexander Rabinowitch · Hardcover. Alexander Rabinowitch is Emeritus Professor of History at Indiana University, Bloomington. He is author of Prelude to Revolution: The Petrograd Bolsheviks and. Alexander Rabinowitch is professor emeritus of history, Indiana University, Bloomington and author most recently of The Bolsheviks in Power.

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Upon publication, his best-known book, The Bolsheviks Come to Power: The Defeat of the Moderates.

Myths of the October Revolution: An Interview with Alexander Rabinowitch

Actually, I came to both conclusions initially in the s when both in the West and in the Soviet Union the Communist Party was looked at as a monolith. My job is to present the most accurate picture I can. Let me just get rabinoeitch to a couple of other myths, for instance the myth that the Bolsheviks spoke rabunowitch one voice and that basically that was the voice of Lenin. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Vladimir Nabokov, the writer, several leading Mensheviks etc.

Listen to an interview with the author. Well first of all I found that what was taking place was from February on was a major social and political upheaval that was very difficult to stop in midstream. The Revolution of in Petrograd. And then I was hooked by the material I was finding in libraries and archives and I went to the Soviet Union in and spent the year there working on the July uprising ofmostly in libraries because the archives were closed to Western scholars.


Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The Revolution of in Petrograd Oct 01, This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

It is a history full of heroes, fools, and fanatics, yet recounted in a sober and nonjudgmental manner, a labor of love, over two decades in the making, the work of a skilled and devoted craftsman.

MacArthur Foundation, and Andrew W. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana. They fought it out and while Lenin sort of won the main fight regarding the direction of the revolution and the continuation of the revolution and transfer of power to the Soviets, the voice of the moderates was very strong and almost half of the Central Committee were made up of moderates.

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The two points of view that I described relate to people who see it as a revolution, one side positively the other negatively. Everyday Life in Early Soviet Russia.

In contrast to so many others working in the field of Soviet studies, who have adapted themselves to the prevailing climate of intellectual dishonesty and cynicism, Professor Rabinowitch has not compromised his integrity as a scholar. His new study addresses a central question of twentieth-century Russian history: And I do it step by step in the same way that I tried to document what happened in and I was fairly young then, but people like Boris Nikolaevsky, who was sort of the archivist of the Social Democrats, was a kind of grandfather to me.

But the government, the Putin government, is motivated by a desire for stability rabinwoitch they use nationalism and religious orthodoxy etc. He lived in our barn in our summer home in Vermont for years and wrote many of his works there. Sign up here for discounts and quicker purchasing.


The Bolsheviks in Power

Myths of the October Revolution: Wade, American Historical Review. A Study in Mass Mobilization. You knew them personally? Are you an author?

It will serve, for years to come, as an essential reference point for the study of the political and social aftermath of the overthrow of the bourgeois Provisional Government and the establishment of the Bolshevik regime.

To many Marxists the revolution, which was the most important event of the 20th century, in the largest country in the world, is an important case study for understanding revolution and making revolution. Infollowing decades of archival research and writing, Rabinowitch published The Bolsheviks in Power: Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

In the course of your work you definitively debunked a number of myths about the October Revolution and I’d like to ask you to explain what some of those myths are and how your book debunks them.

Melancon and Donald J. America and the Tragedy of Post-Communist Russia. The details behind [Rabinowitch’s] conclusive answer make rabinowiych this rich, detailed, fascinating book. White, Slavonic and East European Review.

Based on wide-ranging empirical research, the book stresses broad popular support for the Bolshevik program calling for peace, land, and bread and transfer of power to gabinowitch soviets, as well as the party’s tolerance of diverse views and its decentralized organizational structure in explaining its successful accession to power in October.