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Non AD&D Fantasy Sites First Edition Sites Forgotten Realms Sites Greyhawk Sites Miscelaneous Sites MUDS Mystara Sites Netbook Sites. Wizards of the Coast: AD&D 1 ( Hardcover). AD&D First Edition Players Handbook TSR: AD&D 1 ( Hardcover) Games Workshop, UK: AD&D 1 ( ). Index · RPG Index · (A)D&D. Classes & Kits. Contact me! &. This page last modified 01/20/ by Jens-Arthur Leirbakk. Templars, From Dark Sun .

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Bipedal creatures able to shape themselves into the likeness of any humanoid creature they observe.

A Tale of Two Handbooks – AD&D and D&D – GeekDad

The hook horror is described as an aberration that stands about nine feet tall and weighs almost pounds. The TSR logo would go through a number of changes through the years, including the removal incex all characters. Manual of the Planes Wizards of the Coast An eye killer will attack creatures by crushing them with its coils, but if an approaching party carries lanterns or torches, the eye killer can use its Death Stare once per day. Of course, I could be completely wrong.


Powerful undead humans that haunt the most desolate of places, tombs and dungeons, and drain the life energy of opponents.

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Part 3 covers spells and the rules associated with playing a spell casting character. Idyllic woodland dwellers that are naturally invisible, carry slim swords and war arrows that puts an opponent to sleep.

Dragoneye set 52 Unhallowed set 37 Displacer Beast Manhunter. But not for humans.

Over the years of play, it was so easy to just flip open the book to a specific section and ignore that copyright page. A gargoyle -like creature, the Berbalang is described as a bipedal creature with leathery skin and bat-like wings. Idnex are the farastu tarry demodand, kelubar slime demodand, and shator shaggy demodand.

Carbuncles are described as being small, armadillo -like creatures with a adnnd ruby stuck into its head. I spread out the reading of the book over three days, with the spells section taking the longest to read over. Described are the tenebrous worm and the tunnel worm. Dragoneye set 46 The revenant is a powerful undead creature that has a strong physical resemblance to a zombiea far less powerful undead creature.

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The eye killer first appeared in White Dwarf 7 June Moon Dog Characteristics Alignment Good. Monstrous Compendium Acnd Volume One [36]. Gotta work fast… only a few days away. Cifals are described as being a large colony of insects which has massed together into a vaguely bipedal form. The Ecology of the Troll”Monster Manual v. Getting Players to Cooperate. Expedition to the Demonweb Pits.


While not described as particularly aggressive, when attacking they attach themselves to their victim and drain their blood in a leech -like manner. Views Read Edit View history.

But I can certainly sympathize with those early DMs and players who did, because…. Giant bloodworms are, according to the Fiend Foliohuge 20′ long worms that live in underground pools. Personality Trait, Ideal, Bond, and Flaw… all four can be generated by rolling a d6, d8, or d New games are added with a click of a button by me and old games retire themselves after a period of inactivity. Dakons are described as shaggy, intelligent adndd with a reasonable grasp of language, that live in jungle settings.