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View Notes – fsoln from EECS at University of California, Berkeley. f; University of California, Berkeley; EECS – Spring With insanely simple controls and powerful autonomous flight capabilities, 3DR’s Solo makes capturing awesome cinematic shots easier than. IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR03, pp. Rosin and West, [doi>/_4]. Rusi$#;ol and Llad$# ;s, Sparse solutions using hash storage. IEEE Trans.

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Political and military context Both Fudjo and Mazuru have separately been in telephone contact with Bande Ndagundi, a Congolese citizen who is involved in arms trafficking and recruitment activities on behalf of non-State armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, according to evidence gathered by the Group see paras. According to several interviews conducted by the Group, Mr. The Group has also documented that FDLR has a far-reaching international diaspora network 243s22009 in the day-to-day running of the movement, the coordination sonl military and arms trafficking activities and the management of 033 activities.

Mutoka in the course of the same trip. Mutoka relies on the protection of top security officials in both Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The computerized statistics obtained from Minerals Supply Africa have been archived at the United Nations.

UN Report Congo Group Experts – [PDF Document]

This information corresponds to another case reported by the same military justice officials of Captain Sumpia, also of the FARDC rd battalion, who was arrested in February on similar charges. The FNL dissident elements participating in the 9 April attack were reportedly recruited in Burundi by Congolese nationals and given money and weapons.

In this context, the officer class of the Congrs national pour la dfense du peuple CNDPin particular General Bosco Ntaganda, has continued to retain heavy weapons acquired during its period of rebellion in spite of its official integration into FARDC and still controls revenue-generating activities and parallel local administrations.


Local traders in Kigoma cited three major gold dealers based in Dar es Salaam, including Crown Jewellers, Ruby Bureau de Change and a businessman known as Jafar, although testimony from FDLR former combatants indicated several more small purchasers of gold.

Since March the Bisie mine in Walikale, which provides approximately 70 per cent of the output of cassiterite of North Kivu, has been under the control of units responding to former CNDP hardliners operating within the FARDC 1st integrated brigade. In conclusion, the 2433s2009 regrets a general lack of cooperation by all parties, including 2433s2009, with its investigations of the gold sector. During the course of the audio recordings, Mr.

The Group continues to investigate the veracity of such information.

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Exploitation of natural resourcesGold A source from the company that leased the Mi-8 informed the Group in writing that most of the time the helicopter was used for the peace talks and evacuation of wounded personnel and shifting of Cargo [sic] from DRC to Rwanda and back. The Group continues to investigate this specific allegation. Defays have declared that such purchases are probably made by fraudulent individuals in the name of their companies, and then delivered to other unlicensed businesses.

Goetz subsequently explained that Mr. Since December the Group has sought the assistance of the United States authorities to help it to gather more information on the bank account of Elisabeth Uwasse in Gisenyi.

The Group has focused its attention on the cassiterite trade, which 234s2009 estimates sooln the highest revenues back to FDLR out of cassiterite, coltan and wolframite. Testimonies and 23s2009 obtained by 243s22009 Group indicate that such incidents which could be considered violations of the sanctions regime under subparagraphs 4 b and 4 c of Security Council resolution particularly occurred in the units under the command of Colonel Baudouin Ngaruye, Lieutenant Colonel Innocent Zimurinda, Lieutenant Colonel Antoine Manzi, Lieutenant Colonel Bisamaza and Lieutenant Colonel Salumu Mulenda.


The Group subsequently received a letter and documents from Mr.

Solutions 3rd Edition | Oxford University Press

The Group received strong indications of high-level protection and in some cases complicity in the illicit gold trade by Government officials. FRF is an ethnic Banyamulenge militia, counting approximately elements, and was originally founded by, among others, General Pacifique Masunzu, the current commander of the tenth military region mentioned above in connection with the diversion of equipment.

Muhiwa, another shareholder of Glory Minerals, which reflect frequent communications between Mr. The company exported kilograms of gold, just 2 kilograms less so,n the entire declared exportations of Burundi between January and September The telephone records available to the Group show that Colonel Rugayi has been in contact three times with Colonel Nakabaka between May and September Shamavu and his son in Bukavu to Mr. The Group contacted Mr.

The Group has also obtained a document detailing a request by Colonel Nakabaka made to Mr. Bashimbe reported that he had passed this money over to the wife of Bigaruka, the FDLR deputy military commander, who was in Kigoma at that time.

Some of these supporters have taken up citizenship and regular employment in their host countries. Liongola imported gold from Mr.